Entertaining Outdoors In Hollis NH

Hosting outdoor gatherings either in your own backyard or at another outdoor venue, there are a few elements you will need to consider carefully. The size of your space and the number of expected guests is just the starting point. You will want to plan out the flow of traffic and access to certain areas. Seating is always an important factor to establish as you plan your event. Flow and seating arrangements are the practical parts of planning, but you will also want to think about the atmosphere and mood for the party. Finally, you will want to think about your parking situation.

Space and Flow

No matter your space size, you can plan a get together that accommodates all your guests. A small sit-down dinner party in Hollis NH, or a large open house type of gathering at a public park both need you to understand how to use the space for optimal interaction between your guests. If you are working with a small area, make sure you keep walking spaces clear and that each guest will have enough elbow room. In a larger venue, you may want to set up several areas that will accommodate small groups to encourage interaction. It is always a good idea to let your guests know where the bathroom(s) are located at the beginning of the event. Walk through your space and think about how your guest will get to the food, beverages, and sitting areas. Take care of any obstacles or items that may be subject to bumping into and breaking. Trying to clean up messes during an event is difficult and takes time away from enjoying the party.

Seating and Style made Simple

Having plenty of seating for all your guests will encourage social interaction. Make sure the seats are comfortable and in good repair. The last thing you want is a guest to end up embarrassed or hurt by falling out of a broken seat. Also, think about where your guest will set down their drinks or plates while they are visiting with each other. Having small side tables or coffee tables spread around the seating areas will allow for a relaxed setting. To set up an area that feels relaxing and fun, you may want to hang some string lighting for evening time. This gives softer lighting then your backyard security lighting or a couple of floodlights. Using colorful planters and inexpensive outdoor lanterns can add a festive feel.

So next time you plan an outdoor gathering in Hollis NH, walk through where your guests will walk and make sure you have the feel and flow you want.

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