Hollis, NH was chartered in 1746 and has quite a history. There are generally a few homes for sale that we would consider vintage. This list of homes for sale were built prior to 1950.

Notable facts

The following is from Worcester’s History of Hollis:

  • When Hollis was incorporated, the town tax list comprised 54 families.
  • By 1760, that number had risen to over 105 families.
  • In 1767, two of the 384 slaves in New Hampshire resided in Hollis. In 1775, four of the 656 slaves in New Hampshire resided in Hollis.
  • The first trial for murder in Hillsborough County was of Israel Wilkins Jr, of Hollis, for the murder of his father, Israel Wilkins Sr., on November 2, 1772. The elder Wilkins died of “a blow upon the head…of the length three inches and the depth of one inch.” Wilkins Jr. was found guilty of man-slaughter, pleaded benefit of clergy, and was subsequently branded upon the thumb with the letter “T”, and forced to forfeit all his goods to the King.
  • Two-thirds of the grantees of the charter for the town of Plymouth, New Hampshire, were from Hollis, causing Worcester to refer to it as “A Hollis Colony”.
  • Eight Hollis residents were killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill.
  • 125 Hollis men were in the army in whole or in part during the year 1776, approximately one tenth of the population.
  • 22 Hollis men died while in the army during the Revolutionary War.
  • In 1820, Hollis had five grain mills, six saw mills, one clothing mill, two taverns and four stores. By 1878, it had one grain mill, no saw or clothing mills, no taverns, and one store.

Houses For Sale In Hollis NH That Were Built Prior to 1950